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Weld Checker & Monitor

Monitoring resistance welding current: AC/inverterDC/Capacitor/, Our weld checker and monitor, 50Hz/60Hz, has the software to connect the computer to inspect the welding current, help you to pick up the “Not Good” welding products, and improve your products’ quality. Inspect different welding current: 1. AC welding current; 2. Single phase rectifier welding current; 3. DC inversion welding current; 4. Transistor welding current; 5. Capacitance stored energy welding current. Applicable power supply: 100V~240ACV/50~60Hz Simple operation with one button

  • WBT-122A

    The Weld checker and monitor 122A is produced by Will-Best Corporation, which is a current checker for resistance welding power supply. Applicable welding current: 50Hz/60Hz AC welding current Single phase rectifier welding current DC inversion welding current Transistor welding current Capacitance stored energy welding current

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