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Portable Spot Weld Heads

SW Series Spot Weld Heads

In the process of welding,the welding pressure, current and time are the key parameters.The adjustment range of welding pressure and the tracing ability of welder head can directly influence the quality.

◆Linear guide type design ensures the precision and repetitiveness of welding;
◆Supporting with many pressure follow-up mechanisms;
◆Modulized design, arbitrary exchange of single point and double points;
◆Benefit to realize the automatic connection.

Our weld head has the advantages:

1. Electrode Pressure adjustment;

2. Cylinder stroke adjustment;

3. Cylinder air flow speed adjustment;

4. Weld head up limited and down limited

5. Good cycle welding (over welding 4000pcs/per day)

6. Can weld by Pneumatic style and Pedal style;


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Technical Parameters
Pressure 5kg 5kg 5kg 5kg 5kg
Stroke> 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm-50mm
Electrode Diameter 3mm/6mm 1.5mm/3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm/6mm
Weight 7.5 6 8 8.5 7.8

Batteries pack welding, Electronics welding, hardware welding, etc.

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