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High Force Weld Head—WBT-Q03H

WBT-Q03H is the High Force Parallel Weld Head, especially good for 26650 power battery packs welding. The WBT-Q03H has two pcs Φ6mm electrodes, the electrodes tip is 4x4mm, can weld the "H-Form with 4 dots" battery tabs at a time. Precision welding and control, high quality with reasonable price.

Precision welding and control, high quality with reasonable price.

Our weld head has the advantages:

1. Electrode Pressure adjustment;

2. Cylinder stroke adjustment;

3. Cylinder air flow speed adjustment;

4. Weld head up limited and down limited

5. Good cycle welding (over welding 4000pcs/per day)

6. Can weld by Pneumatic style and Pedal style;


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26650 battery pack welding.

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