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Thin Metal Sheet Welder, Terminal/ Pins Welder, Wires Welder

Thin Metal Sheet Spot Welder

Thin Metal Sheet Spot Welder UF25/UF40 are the resistance inverter DC spot weld power supplies, suitable for precision thin metal sheet spot welding, copper wire and terminal spot welding , Max. output current 2500A--4500A, welding speed over 260pcs/minute,  wires welding diameter from Φ0.02—0.5mm, sheet thick from 0.1mm--1.0mm, firm welding and good welding surface.
Our Inverter DC welder has special advantage:
1.Firm spot welding. Avoid “missing welding”.(with precision welding control design.)
2.Good welding effect and welding dots surface.
3.Strong welding pull force.
4.Welding current monitor and NO GOOD alarm signal output function, check which welding dot was not standard.
5. With PLC output connector, better function to connect the automatic welding machine, faster and good welding.
6. Foot manual operate weld head or air driving weld head for choosen.
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1. High inverse frequency can control the welding energy much more accurate and rapid.
2. Having double-pulse welding function.
3. Each pulse has following functions: Slowly rise, slowly drop, welding time, welding energy and set the monitor data.
4. Various welding energy control mode, constant current, constant voltage and constant power can match welding requirements of different shape materials.
5. Multiple welding work modes: Common Point Welding, ROLL/SPOT mode, Series Welding, Double-head Control and PLC Control.
6. Display the welding result as word and graphic form. Make debugging more simple and intuitive.
7. Having the welding quality monitor and output functions can automatically check out the products in bad quality.
8. Having series communication capability.

Size: 200x450x350mm

Weight: 16KG

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Batteries pack welding, electronics and hardwares welding.

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