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Privacy Policy

Protection of users' privacy and personal information utilization policy

    【attention】according to relevant provisions,for the protection of network user 's privacy right、specification for network users personal information utilization, this policy is formulated. Please read all of the following content carefullyEspecially bold underlined content. If the user doesn’t agree to any content of this policy, Please don’t register or use the service. If users enter the site to input personal information, The user and the will-best welding equipment co., ltd has reached an agreement, voluntary acceptance of all the contents of zhis policy. Thereafter , the user may not haven’t read the content of the policy of any form of defense.

Respect use individual provicy is a basic policy of will-best welding equipment co., ltd. " Provicy" refers to the users on the message or online consulting section provide to the will-best welding equipment co., ltd.personal identity information. Including the user registration information of personal name, ID number, contact information, home address,etc. Will-best welding equipment co., ltd.has always been active to take technology and management, reasonable measures to protect the user account is safa ande effective. The will-best welding equipment co., ltd.  information collected will be used in good faith,take all effective and necessary measures to protect your privacy, and use commercially reasonable secuity technology measures to protect your privacy from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Due to business needs, will-best welding equipment co., ltd. committed to good use their personal information, the company will not be open to any other party or share user information in the registration name, personal valid ID number, contact information, home addresses and other personally identifiable information, except in the following sitiations:

1User or authorized user guardian will-best welding equipment co., ltd. disclosure;
2Relevant legal requirements will-best welding equipment co., ltd. disclosure;
3Judicial or administrative body based on the statutory procedures require will-best welding equipment co., ltd. provided;
4Will-best welding equipment co., ltd. order to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and to the rser or arbitration proceedings;
5When the legal guardian should request the user to provide personally identifiable information .


·                    Special Note: this policy applies only to will-best welding equipment co., ltd. online website user, if zhis policy with the “will-best welding equipment co., ltd. terms of serbice” in the relevant provisions inconsistent with this policy agreed shall prevail.

Contact us:

·                    If you on this privacy agreements or will-best welding equipment co., ltd. privacy protection measures have any comments and suggestions, or to delete and change of personal informaton, please call 0086-755-33661352.


Will-best welding equipment co., ltd.Privacy Agreement Effective Date: 27th Dec, 2011

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